Gardenware Essentials or Gardenware Complete: What’s the Difference?

Gardenware offers two versions of our widely used label
and sign printing software.  We are often
asked, “What’s the difference?  We always
want the best to we probably should order the Complete package.”  

As the song title says, “It ain’t necessarily

The truth is, for all label and sign making functions
both programs are identical!  Both also
have the same installed library content. 
The real difference is added functionality in Gardenware Complete that most users don’t need but can be extremely useful for those who do.

Gardenware Complete can be set up to be used on a network
so that more than one user can be using it at one time.  Network setups vary a lot especially where
security and firewalls are concerned.  If
you wish to run Gardenware on your network, the person or company you depend on
to keep your network running will need to set up Gardenware to run on your
network.  Gardenware complete comes with
two licenses.  Additional licenses are a
very reasonable $69.

If you are operating a Point of Sale program that can
export information such as the items on a Purchase Order – specifically the UPC
Bar Code, and optionally a price and quantity, Gardenware complete can pick up
the information in the file and make a pre-list of items for label
printing.  Because Gardenware doesn’t
know which type of labels you wish to make for each item, we provide a
mini-spreadsheet for you to enter the quantity for each item for the
appropriate label.  Then with a mouse
click, transfer that information to the appropriate Print Queue (print list)
and print your labels.  This handy
feature makes it easy for users of most any Point of Sale program to make their
labels by simply importing the list rather than selecting the items one by
one.  It is important that both the Point
of Sale system and Gardenware have the same UPC Barcode number for each item.

Another feature of Gardenware Complete is the capability
to export a file that contains all new items added to the library as well as
any changes to library items (such as price) since the last export was made.
Most Point of Sale systems can import this data, helping keep both systems up
to date.  Gardenware users who have
allowed the program to automatically assign UPC Bar Codes have found this to be
a very time saving feature when they decided to adopt a Point of Sale
system.  All their plant materials already
had UPC Bar Codes and the items were available in file format for use with
their new POS system. 

If you would like to explore these features give us a
call.  We can answer questions and even
do an online demonstration. 

To summarize:  Both Gardenware packages are identical as
far as making labels and signs, as well as the installed libraries.
  Gardenware Complete has additional
functionality that can be valuable and time saving depending on needs.