Gardenware Products


429 SE Marlin Suite C
Warrenton, OR 97146

Gardenware  offers a wide variety of solutions for the nursery industry, including software, adhesive labels and signs, pot sticks, and step stakes to make the job of displaying your products clean, organized, and easy.

But our products aren't limited to nurseries! Anywhere you need an outdoor, durable, weatherproof sign or label, Gardenware is your place.

Our products have been used as inventory tags on exterior heating and air-conditioning units, area and directional signs on nature paths. Hardscapers use Gardenware signs and tags with simple templates to mark various types of stone and materials, and landscapers tag job materials in holding yards with our tags. Other possibilities include marking volkswalk courses, or temporary course-markers for organized bicycle rides where “Dan Henry” symbols aren’t allowed... Really, anything that needs weatherproof marking.