Step Stakes®

Gardenware sign materials can be used on any non-porous surface, but if  you don’t already have a display system in place, we highly recommend Parker Davis Step Stakes®.

The stakes are available in lengths from 8” to 48” and can be bent to slide under flats on benches or to angle the signboard upwards for visibility.

Ideal for wholesale and retail nurseries, growers, garden centers and landscapers.  Our patented, 9 gauge galvanized steel garden stakes will last and look great for years.

  • Use them for plant tags and labels
  • Use them as plant supports or a small trellis
  • Hold “Keep Off The Lawn” or other warning signs

Use these plant markers with our tough, polypropylene corrugated plastic cards to make labeling plants quick and easy.

Or, put them to work as your silent salespeople as point-of-purchase signs to sell your plants.

Our rugged 4mm corrugated plastic labeling cards come in 8 colors for easy signage color coding (sun/shade, species, price, etc.). Cards can be used with any permanent marker or labeling system; printed labels fasten straight to cards.

Complete Sets
(Cards and Stakes) with 7 x 5.5” Cards

ProductPost HeightQty/Wt1-9 cases10-49 cases50+ cases
SSS118"100 sets/13 lbs$114.00$107.00$100.00
SSS1916"100 sets/22 lbs$140.00$132.00$124.00
SSS2724"100 sets/31 lbs$180.00$169.00$158.00
SSS3532"50 sets/20 lbs$115.00$108.00$101.00
SSS5148"50 sets/29 lbs$154.00$144.00$134.00

Ladder Posts (stakes) Only

ProductPost HeightQty/Wt1-9 cases10-49 cases50+ cases
SSS08-NP8"100 /10 lbs$61.00$57.00$53.00
SSS16-NP16"100 /18 lbs$89.00$84.00$79.00
SSS24-NP24"100 /27 lbs$129.00$121.00$113.00
SSS32-NP32"50 /18 lbs$89.00$84.00$79.00
SSS48-NP48"50 /27 lbs$129.00$121.00$113.00

Cards Only

ProductCard SizeQty/Wt1-9 cases10-49 cases50+ cases
BC757 x 5.5100/5 lbs$60.00$56.00$52.00
BC912-WH9 x 12100 /14 lbs$99.00$93.00$87.00
BC129 -WH12 x 9100 /14 lbs$99.00$93.00$87.00

Display cards are available in White, Green, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Orange and Red.  (Please note that pink is no longer available... Sorry about that!)

Poster cards (9 x 12 and 12 x  9) are available in white only.