Wrap-Around Tags


Tough, flexible and waterproof, these laser-ready tags are available with or without tear-off tabs. Unprinted tags are shrink-wrapped in bundles of 125 sheets of 8 tags (1000 tags/bundle).

Prices shown are for white tags.

Dot-matrix users, please note:  Tyvek fan-folded 1” tags are now available on a special-order basis only.  Demand is just too low to keep materials on hand.  So, don’t wait until the last minute to place an order for these!  Lead times will be variable.

QuantityPrice (blank tags)Price (single color inprint)
1,000-9000 Tags$68.00 / 1000N/A
1 Box (10,000 Tags)$625.00 / box$690.00 / box
2-3 Boxes$604.00 / box$669.00 / box
4-5 Boxes$577.00 / box$642.00 / box
6-9 Boxes$550.00 / box$615.00 / box
10-19 Boxes$530.00 / box$595.00 / box
20+ Boxes$511.00 / box$576.00 / box
Add $2.50/1000 tags for colors. ($25.00 extra per box)
Colors available: Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue and Green

Pre-printed Tags

Custom imprinting of your logo or company information is available for both laser-printed tags and pot sticks. Examples are shown on the right.

Imprints are done on an offset press, so you don’t use your own time and printer consumables in adding your own logo and contact information.

The reverse side remains blank for use with the Gardenware program or any other design program that you choose. A minimum of one carton is required for each product.

Imprinting is available in single colors only.

Most designs are best reduced to a single color.  If you have questions about whether or not your design is suitable for two-color printing, please give us a call. Colored tags can also be imprinted for an additional $25 per carton for a minimum of one carton per color.

Art and plate prep charges will apply to the first order of each type of imprint job (there are separate plate charges for tags and pot sticks).  Normal prep charges typically run from $69-$75, depending on what needs to be done to make a design “ready for plate”.

Please restrict your file types to uncompressed .jpg (not jpeg2000) files, .tif files, EPS files, or (if you have no other choice) .bmp files.

Lead times:  For a first order of imprints, plan on three weeks from final approval of artwork.  Remember, the clock starts ticking when you APPROVE the artwork, not when you first place the order, so actual lead times can be longer than that the first time out.  Subsequent orders typically ship in 2-3 weeks from re-approval of artwork.