Retail Nurseries, Growers, Wholesalers ... Take Control!

Gardenware software is designed by nursery people for the nursery industry. It was originally developed for retailers, but wholesalers and growers also use it profitably.

We also have solutions for landscapers, hardscape materials outlets and others in the green industry who need simple, durable labels and signs.

Gardenware label products have been used to label heating & cooling equipment, pond liners, wire spools, rock bins, bicycles and other items requiring the durability of Gardenware products. Bicycle clubs, volkswalk organizers and planners for other events that will happen “rain or shine” will find Gardenware products economical and easy to work with.

In short - Gardenware label and sign products can be used by anyone who needs to make weatherproof signs or labels and has a laser printer.