Season’s Greetings From Gardenware!

Season’s Greetings From Gardenware! (With an intro to something you might like to “give” yourself)

We at Gardenware would like to extend to you, our customers and prospective customers, our best wishes for the holiday season and a healthy, prosperous 2012. We have our fingers and toes crossed hoping our economy has begun to turn the corner in a positive direction.

At a time when demands on finances are at their greatest, we thought you might like to know about Paint.NET. This is a totally free downloadable image editor that is easy to learn and use, quick to download, takes little hard disk space, has a complete help system, a number of plug-ins and a large user community. 

For those who choose to use Paint.NET it is truly a gift from a number of people who have worked on, developed and prepared it for use by anyone: no strings attached. They ask nothing in return but do appreciate donations to help cover the continuing costs of development.

Many of our customers and prospective customers do not have an image editor or haven’t learned to use the one they do have. Often things seem too intimidating to stop and learn to use when there are always so many other things that need to be done at any given time.

One of the more important functions of an image editor for Gardenware users is reducing the size of photos from the huge files straight out of the camera to small files that print quickly and take little space. 

I have put together a PDF document that introduces Paint.NET, touches on a few features, has a link to our preferred download site and gives a step by step instruction for reducing the size of photo files for use with Gardenware. You may use it on screen but you can also print it and have accessible as you go through the steps. When familiar with the steps it takes just a few minutes to re-size an image with

Click HERE for the PDF document.

As usual, if you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.