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Gardenware weatherproof signs, labels and tags
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General Tips

For Choosing a Printer

1:  Do not use inkjet printers with Gardenware materials.  Liquid inks are not compatible with our printer media and we can guarantee that you’ll be unhappy with the results.

 1a:  Yes, we know that many inkjet manufacturers say that their inks are waterproof.  However, in most cases, they’re waterproof only when used with the materials that they were designed to work with.  In our testing, even professional-level, archival-quality “waterproof” inks are not suitable for use with non-porous materials.

2:  Decide whether you want a monochrome (black & white) or a color printer.  Simple tagging and labeling of stock can be accomplished very effectively with an inexpensive black & white laser.  However, if you wish to use photographs or color logos, or just want to add impact to specific information, a color laser is definitely worth considering. Don’t forget that the cost of consumables (toners & drums) is multiplied by FOUR for color printers.  If you have doubts as to whether you’ll use color much, it might be best to start with a monochrome printer.

3:  When considering a color printer, find out all you can about the toners’ longevity in long-term exposure to sunlight.  Rapid fading is a problem with some color printers with otherwise fine characteristics. In our experience, black toners are extremely resistant to fading.  Some degree of fading is inevitable.  It just can’t be avoided in sunlight.  

4:  Having multiple feed options is a good thing!  An auxiliary feed tray (sometimes called a “multipurpose tray”) can help straighten the paper path and reduce the possibility of jamming on some printers.  For your own convenience, though, be sure that this tray doesn’t require you to feed one sheet at a time!

5:  If you’ll be printing Pot Sticks, make sure the labels feed well.  You can take samples to the store or ask if you can try the printer at your place of business.

6:  Keep in mind that the rated printing speed (pages per minute) is faster than you’ll actually experience.  Speed is nice, but a quality impression is nicer.  Speed ratings are based on plain paper with minimal coverage and aren’t useful for anything except comparing with other models in similarly unrealistic conditions.

Please remember that Gardenware does not sell, service, or provide technical support for printers.  The range of makes and models available is simply too broad to allow us to be familiar with all of the features and specific settings of individual printers.