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Gardenware weatherproof signs, labels and tags
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Labeling: 32.123 or V10*

*Depends on system resources

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We are often asked to recommend printers for use with Gardenware materials.  Some customers even know that we used to do that and don’t understand why we don’t any longer.

The fastest explanation possible is this: printer models and technology change too quickly for anyone to give any recommendations based on real experience.  

Thanks to unfortunate past experience, we’ve learned to take second-hand information and “accelerated aging data” with a large grain of salt.

We’re uncomfortable giving any recommendation unless we have first-hand experience with a printer.  Gathering the information that we need takes months, particularly with color printers.  Often, by the time we know what we need to know, the models will have changed again!

We will pass along information that we hear from other customers, but, unfortunately the old “no news is good news” adage tends to hold true here.  We usually only hear about it if troubles have developed.  

Since we have no desire to give any printer or manufacturer a black eye, we will not be publishing these reports on our site.  After all, it’s possible that a manufacturer has identified a machine’s shortcomings and has remedied them.

Give us a call and we’ll help as much as we can, but remember:  “YMMV”.  (Your Mileage May Vary)

First and foremost:  A laser or LED printer (using dry toners) is required.

“But my inkjet’s documentation says the prints are waterproof!”  Yes, we’ve heard that a lot, and it might even be true with print materials made for that specific inkjet. But Gardenware materials are designed for use with lasers only.  

Choosing Printers

The combination of a laser (or LED) printer’s dry toner and Gardenware’s weather-resistant materials free you from having to laminate or otherwise protect your signs.