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Gardenware weatherproof signs, labels and tags
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Labeling: 32.123 or V10*

*Depends on system resources

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Some Common Questions

Q: Can I add to or modify items in the database (e.g. add plants or edit descriptions)?

A: YES!  You may add new plants (or hard goods) to the libraries and you can modify the existing descriptions.  You can add your prices for as many different sizes as you like.  You may use free-form text to "customize" descriptions.

Q: Can I print photographs on my labels with the Gardenware program?

A: YES! Current versions have the capability to print photographs on Jumbo Signs and Posters. You can attach the pictures of your choice to plants in the libraries.  No advanced formatting or re-sizing is required (though there advantages to resizing).  The process is almost the same as attaching a photo to an e-mail message.

Q: Are photographs included with the software?

A: No.  The program makes it easy for you to use photographs from a variety of sources using common (non-proprietary) file formats, but they are not included in the package. Any .jpg or.bmp: your digital photographs, scanned images, or images from another sources.

Q: Are dot-matrix compatible or thermal transfer materials still available?

A: Thermal transfer materials were phased out in about 2004.  Dot-matrix 1” tags are still available, but on a special-order basis only.  They must be ordered in full cartons, and please allow extra time, as they may need to be produced.

Q: What is your typical lead time?

A: We try to turn standard (unprinted) orders around within 24 hours whenever possible.   In most cases, if you have your order in to us by  2:00PM Pacific, we can usually ship the same day.   If a product is backordered, we will let you know right away and give you  an approximate ship date.

Q: How long does it take to get logo-imprinted tags or pot-sticks?

A: Imprinting on laser-ready materials generally adds between one and three weeks to your lead time.  Your very first imprint order will generally take a bit longer than that unless we get perfectly-proportioned, ready-for-plate artwork at the time of the order.

Q: Can I do my own tag or pot-stick logo imprints in a separate pass through my printer?

A: Yes, and you can add weights & measures information, too!

Q: Does Gardenware do Inventory Control?

A: Gardenware does not do Inventory Control.

Q: Are there versions of Gardenware for other operating systems?

A: No, Gardenware is a Windows-only program.  Some Mac users are using Gardenware successfully with Windows emulation software, but we cannot either suggest applications or guarantee success.

Q: Can Gardenware be used on a network?

A: Gardenware’s Version 10 Complete supports networking.  Previous versions and Essentials do not.

Q: I just need basic, weather-resistant labels.  Can I use other programs to print on Gardenware materials?

A: Yes!  You have lots of other software options available.  Click here for some ideas.

Q: Can I use labeling materials from my office supply dealer with Gardenware software?

A: No.  There are two reasons.  First, Gardenware's printed output is formatted to match the specific sizes and positions of our labels and tags.  Second, our print media is designed specifically for durability and weather-resistance.  Most off-the-shelf labels are intended for one-time mailings or for use in weather-protected conditions and will not hold up in a typical nursery environment.

Q: I have a database of plant descriptions, can I import it into Gardenware?

A: You can enter new plants into the Gardenware database, modify the descriptions, and delete items.  HOWEVER, you cannot import descriptions directly  from another database. The Gardenware database follows a unique structure and isn’t compatible without custom programming.